Rowan county meth labs- year 2000.



Story 1

Two charged with dtug trafficking

GOLD HILL —After a year-long inves- tigation, a team of agents from federal, state and local agen- cies arrested two resi- dents on charges of trafficking in metham- phetamine powder.
A camera was set up on a bird house above their mobile and a mon- itor was on the TV so the suspects could monitor incoming and outgoing traffic, Lt.
John Sifford said.
The Special Inves- A. Row’and tigative Unit of the Rowan County Sheriff’s Department, the Salisbury Police Department, the State Bureau of Investigations and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration worked together on the investigation that
focused on the mobile home at 935-E Zion 
N Seven handguns of various types a~ 
Church Road. 
calibers and four long guns of varioi 
Larry Wayne Row dT31 and his 
wife, Angela Marie Rowland, 25, of the 
N Various publications dealing with ti 
home on 935-E Zion Church Rd.,were 
production of methamphetamine ai 
homemade explosives. 
I n v e s t i g ~i t o r s 
I Various items of drug paraphernali 
served the search war- 
Investigators charged Larry Rowla 
rant Thursday and con- 
with trafficking in methamphetamine 1 
fiscated the following 
possession and trafficking in methamph 
items from the resi- 
amine by transportation, both felonies. 
Larry Rowland is in the Rowan Coun 
Detention Center under a $200,000 securi bond.
N Approximately 140 grams of metham- phetamine powder with a Street value of
two pounds of “Biker’s 
C o f f e “~
(coffee/methamphetamine mixture). N Approximately $3,152 in cash.
N A 1987 Pontiac Trans Am, a 1991 Honda CRX and a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Angela Marie Rowland was charg~ with trafficking in methamphetamine I possession and felonious possession methamphetamine.She is ,m~U~e Row County Detention Center under $150,000 secured bond.
The State Department of Revenue w contacted due to the drug tax in Nor Carolina and some property was seized pay for the taxes on the $56,000 conf:
cated from the home.

Bust 2
Drug lab busted in Gold Hill- Feb 11, 2000
GOLD HILL — Law enforce- ment officers arrived just in time Thursday afternoon to interrupt a man making a batch of metham- phetamines, the Rowan County
Sheriff’s Department said.
At 2080 Liberty Road, Rowan County Special Inves- tigators served a search war- rant and en- countered tox ic fumes. Agents say
William Dou- 
glas Barringer 
Jr. was trying to finish making two to three ounces of the illegal drug.
Along with the Rowan deputies, agents from the State Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Adminis- tration and an undercover Salis- bury Police officer surrounded the house and arrested Barringer,
They also arrested Michael Alex Hall, 46, of Route 1, Polkton in Anson County.
Sheriff George Wilhelm said numerous anonymous tips lead to the drug bust. After the arrest, Wilhelm’s department Contacted Anson County deputies, who found an “out
of use” drug f~ 1 lab in Hall’s home, Wilhelm said.
say Barringer Was OPerating a Clandestine lab to make the drug at his L4betty Road home. “There are dangers in dealing with all of
the chemicals used in making the drug,” Wilhelm said.
Rowan County Emergency Med ical Services, the Liberty and
Salisbury fire departments and the Rowan County Haz-Mat Team also responded in the event of an injury,
Earringer Was charged with trafficking in methamphetamine by possession, simple felonious possession of methamphetamine maintaining a dwelling to manu- facture a Controlled substance, conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine and manufac.. turing methamphetamine His bond is $200,000.
Hall was charged with traf- ficking in methamphetamine by Possession, manufacturing methamphetamine Conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine and carrying a Concealed weapon,
Deputies Confiscated the un- processed drug. Methampheta mines sell for around $200 to $300 per gram.
They also Confiscated drug Paraphernalia, literature on the production of methamphetamin and the set UP of a drug lab, liter- ature on the production of bombs and explosives, six long guns and three handguns