High Point Sometime in first half of 2001. Club surrenders license

A co-owner of Club H20 dance club in High Point surrendered the estab- lishrnent's ABC permit under pressure from local and state authorities.
Authorities said Club H20's ABC per mit was in the name of part-owner Jackie Wilson but the business was actually owned by as many as five people.

High Point Police ABC Detective Tracy Perry said "The owners were in violation because they never reapplied for the per- mit as a partnership." Wilson was told that the violation could cost the business a $600 fine or a 10-day suspension of the ABC permit. Wilson turned in the club's ABC permit and told agents that he was not going to be in- volved with Club H20 in the future.

In return for surrendering the ABC per- mit, permit violations were dropped.
A New Year's Eve incident at H20 re- sulted in three club patrons requiring hos- pita! treatment after apparently overdos- ing on the "club drug" GHB. The club was playing rhythmic electronic music, remaining open until 6 a.m. and at- tracting patrons who were involved in the "rave" scene according to authorities.

Jeremy Perrin, H20 co-owner, said ear- lier that the New Year's Eve incident made it apparent that operating an after-hours club often attracts the use of many "club" drugs.

The club moved the closing time back to 2:30 a.m. and changed the music on the playlist but violence still erupted. A fight broke out in the parking lot of the club around closing time, and several of the participants in the fight drove a car towards a police officer responding to the scene. Four club patrons were arrested. The loss of the ABC permit may not mean the end of the club's dancing days, but would mean shift in the clientele. Perry said two H20 co-owners Jeremy Perrin and Pino Pipes, are considering re- opening the location as a teen club that does not serve beverage alcohol. If Perrin and Pipes decided to operate the club as a bar and apply for anew ABC permit, H20's record will make it diffi- cult for the permit application to be ap- proved, Perry said. The police department is continuing its investigation of the club as a possible pub- lic nuisance because of the repeated inci- dents of police involvement at the business.