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February 26, 2001

To: Charlotte City Council

RE: Dance Hall Regulations

It's very disappointing that the Safety committee has greatly weakened the original proposal. I'd like to remind you of the many dangers that this toothless measure will allow:

Finally, please do not forget the original purpose of this ordinance. It is meant to minimize the number of drug overdoses and medical emergencies occurring, reduce date rape and other violent incidences and allow police to concentrate on their real job of protecting all the citizens of Charlotte. As is, the Public Safety committee's recommendation will do little to address the above while hamstringing them even further with additional administrative and security issues. I urge the city council to reject the Public safety committee proposal and approve the original as proposed by the CMPD.

Other attachments that I had copies of- Feb 2 2001 Canadian city slams door on raves
Interesting news from a proraver site  and a good look at how "progressive" this movement has become.
-Feb. 22, 2001 -Forum on Ecstasy draws few in Douglas county. (Just goes to show how disinterested parents are in reducing substance abuse. Relying on them(parents) to rise up in opposition to anything relating to there kids is apparently a waste of time)
-Feb. 14, 2001 -  Ecstasy counseling center proposed (after 16 year-old girl's death from drinking too much water)