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Date: November 18, 1999
Subject: Rowan County Personnel Association lunch meeting.

 If there is one thing I hope to accomplish at this meeting it would be to at least change one person's view point on treatment and substance abuse. The reason I say that is because most "normal" people don't comprehend substance abuse. Most are skeptical of treatment thinking that it rarely works, is expensive and would be unnecessary  if only the abuser would just stop doing drugging and/or drinking. That's how I used to think especially my first treatment center experience.  I didn't understand Tommy's problem. I though it was just a matter of willpower. You know kid.."Just say no!"  Gosh.. was I so terribly wrong! I've learned in the worst possible way how foolish I was and now he's gone. I've had a terrible guilt complex too because of all the things I have since learned. Of course there was far more to it than just that. Much went wrong that set the stage for this terrible tragedy to occur and most of what went wrong was out of our control. But first I need to tell a little  about my son.

Consequently, the most important point that I can leave with you is that treatment is the best option though not all treatment centers are as effective as they could be. I encourage all of you to: