The case for treatment.

Actually, once you get to the treatment phase it's already too late for many. It's something like 10 to 20% success rates and that was before inpatient programs were drastically reduced. One of the difficulties I had with my son is that I knew this statistic so it's like my original perception is "why throw money down a rat hole?". Well, the reality comes in when it's too late. It's your son and you are praying to God that he will be in that 10 to 20% group. You'll beg for that to happen and let me tell you that it's one hell of a turnaround in your thinking! If it doesn't happen the first time, then you pray it works the second time or third etc.. I know  one young fella who had been through 9  rehabs in ten years with the last one time lasting 9 months! Yet he still went back to drugs(coke). But something happened one day just a few years ago. Perhaps it was just a final realization, his parents relentless push to help him or God shook his cage. He quit..cold turkey. To the naysayers and other neophytes the answer is "he just didn't have the strength to quit on his own and if they just threw him in jail that would give him the courage to do so." I disagree vehemently. Addiction is a disease and most people won't be able to quit it on their own. Read thru some of these articles with an open mind. Imagine a loved one is addicted. Try hard to visualize what you would do. Many of these articles are quite compelling. Lives are on the line. Throw them in jail to recoup or throw treatment at them in hopes it will stick. The latter is far more likely to make a difference than the former. 12/99