Assorted postcards all from 1907 convention index. Click on the image to enlarge. updated 06/03/2009

Home lodge

Ladies hotel

PhiladelphiaCourtofHonor1907.jpeg (34935 bytes)
Honor Court Honor court at night Honor Court photo Another Honor Court
Phila1907.jpg (35582 bytes) Philadelphia1907.jpg (36507 bytes) PhiladelphiaElks1907convention.jpg (79465 bytes) PhilaPaElks1907WmPenn.jpg (40700 bytes)
Souvenir Cover. Other pictures were included. How many overall is unknown
Phila1907PC.jpg (70133 bytes)
Phila1907JewComic.jpg (29620 bytes)
Ph1907Keystone.jpg (30900 bytes) Phila1907Pennant.jpg (14128 bytes) Dark but neat picture of this huge parade.
PhialdelphiaElksGL1907.jpeg (21505 bytes)
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