The first Elks Magazine was published  in June 1922. While I was never able to obtain an original copy of it, I did find a  condensed version in my Secretary files. Why and when was it put there? Who know? I bet even the Grand Lodge doesn't know it exists.

In any event, below are the pictures of 12 selected pages from this print out. Please read the section  "under the antlers of protection". It is incredible the caliber of people who lead our great fraternal organization. Unfortunately, we will never be able to recreate such exhilarating times. But perhaps, we'll do our best to emulate it.

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Cover Index Page GER Letter National Memorial Commission  editorial
Elks Memorial  Commission Members Salutary message Salutary pg 2 Under the spreading antlers of protection section. pg 1
antlers of protection section. pg 2 antlers of protection section. pg 3 antlers of protection section. pg 4 White House Letter

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