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Click on the picture to enlarge it. If a lodge or other word is underlined click on it to go to the Lodges' website or for more information. If an Elks Magazine March 1932 article. Lodge helps avert city financial crisis by assisting in a five day banking moratorium. confidence was restored with an addt'l $1mm in deposits. is displayed move your cursor over it and a short informational piece can be seen.

Billings Bozeman 1915 Helena group to GL Portland convention 1925
bozemanmont1915possible.jpg (60235 bytes)
Billings 1917 Butte state convention 1920's? Check out this giant Elk that's made of copper! Butte elks Parade  
  Great Falls Great Falls State convention 1909 Havre  1950's
Chinook 1951 Calendar Kalispell Anaconda State Convention. Date unknown. Livingston 1927 (from Elks Mag)
ChinookMT1951Calendar.jpg (39645 bytes)
Miles City Elks parade. Glendive Elks band 1935 Miles City Missoula 1915 Missoula Elks Temple. click on the link for an interesting 2004 newspaper article on "Hell's Gates"
MilesCityMT.jpg (94138 bytes) MissoulaMTElksTemple.jpeg (81751 bytes)
Miles city. Street view 1938 Wolf Point in the 50's    

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