STUTTERING DICK And His Stuttering Sweetheart (FRATERNALLY DEDICATED TO ORANGE LODGE OF ELKS 135 MINSTREL CO.), words & music by CLIFFORD J. WERNER (1907, Orange, N.J., Orange Music Store)- Fascinating, historical look at the minstrel tradition and the state of the social "conscience", in 1907.

There's nothing for the Elks of Orange, N.J. to be proud of in these insulting, "coon" lyrics: "Dick Alexander Simpson is a great big tongue-tied coon, He stutters and he mutters ev'ry morning, night and noon, When he would stand and talk to you, you'ld get a shower bath, You'ld have the hardest time in life, a-trying not to laugh" etc. Blacks and the handicapped are equally held to ridicule, here, with 3 verses of insults and a "stuttering" chorus. Sheet music measures @ 10 1/2 x 13 1/2 inches, slightly too large for my scanner. Scans show top and bottom of front cover.