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Here's a picture of the Charlotte Elks Initiation team. They installed most of the lodges in the state in the early 1900's.  From left to right. Frt row Osmond Barringer, EB Graham, Ray Denby & James Northey. Sec row J.J. Hutchinson, D Kirby Pope (Huntersville) & Thomas R Pegram Note the painter's type clothes. Obviously this was a for fun group. The original picture was a gift to the Charlotte Lodge by charter member Osmond Barringer who died in 1951.

Click here for information on early state conventions, inter-lodge events and GER visits- apparently they officially began in 1901 and were huge affairs. 

Individual Lodges below. ( to view a slideshow or download these pictures go to this link or )

Asheville #608. Badge to Phila. convention 1907 Asheville Burlington 1633. No pic. Cary-Apex 2798. No pic
Asheville featured in October 1927 Elks Magazine, pg 38. They entertained over 300 orphans with a pleasure ride and picnic. The city playgrounds were secured with the lodge taking over all the concessions for the boys and girls. The kids had plenty to eat too!    
Brevard #1768. Lodge charter revoked 2013 or 14 Calabash #2679. Click here for their website Charlotte new home. Don't know date- Lodge #392         Elk Magazine Sept 1949. Picture of kids heading to State boys camp sponsored by the Charlotte Elks Lodge. Also page 2 has brief story on May '49 state Association meeting. Charlotte new home as shown in June 1928 Elks Magazine
The lovely Missy Jones in foreground
Charlotte-GER Kepner Jan 11,1946 visit. Several hundred attended banquet. Welcomed by mayor of the city. Concord #1593 and its "carney" roots. Click here. for 1937 Elks mag article. Durham in the 1920's Fayetteville #1081
NC State Elks President Thad Eure attended this event. Back then GER's visited lodges-not state association meetings. Lodge was closed sometime in early 40's DurhamElks1920s.jpg (35676 bytes) no picture
Elizabeth City #856. Elizabeth City in 2005 picture. Gastonia #1634 Goldsboro #139 Click for history (text file) as written in State history book. A few grainy pictures of the convention in 1921 can be seen here 
no picture Picture taken in 2005
EM March 1932 article- Goldsboro sponsors plan for the cultivation of the city's vacant lots as gardens. the Lodge will supply seed, fertilizer and implements.
 Greensboro #602 in 1912. Click here for 1926 article on their 25th anniversary. Greenville #1645. Instituted 10/22/1944 Hickory. Picture taken in 2002 High Point Elks Lodge #1155. Old picture.
No picture.
Hendersonville Elks Lodge #1616 Chartered 1938? Hendersonville in 1981, New Lodge Kinston #740. Instituted 10/24/1944. Click here to view 1966 convention program.
Lexington invite from 1915. Lodge closed Mar 2015 New Bern in 1910. To see  the 1912 State convention  program  click here. To view & download them plus others, click here. New Bern in the 1930's Newton
The founder of Pepsi was one of New Bern's first ER's Picture taken in 1999
Morganton Raleigh #735. Article on picnic for 500 orphans. 1926. Click here. Rocky Mount Sanford #1679. Click here for there history. Lodge was chartered in 1946.
No Raleigh picture available!
Early Southern Pines postcard. Date unknown though Southern Pines  
SouthernPinesNC.jpg (165514 bytes)  
Statesville Click Salisbury 699 to see more about our lodge history. For the convention in 1920 click here for the two May front page Salisbury Post articles.  Click here for group photo of convention. Salisbury #699- Here's a great picture from 1916. This lodge was sponsoring a minstrel show which it had done for many years. Most of the women and blacks appear to be white men dressed up!
SalisburyNCElks1950s.jpg (63958 bytes) SalisburyNCElksMinstrel1916.jpg (124245 bytes)
Washington #822 sponsored 4 service men's pick up stations in WWII Washington #822 Winston-Salem #449 Elks Auditorium. 1901
Now defunct. State association met here in 1916. Building was located upstairs 218-230 W Main St. Since 1950 Dibble and associates. Click here for current picture. Winston, N. C., Elks Enjoy a Fine Meeting on P.E.R.ís night. Five of the seven Past Exalted Rulers of Winston, N. C., Lodge, No. 449, were present at the meeting held in their honor. Occupying the Chairs; the opening and closing of the lodge session were P.E.R.ís Henry W. Masten P.D.D., who served as Exalted Ruler, W . L. Reid, Esteemed Leading Knight and P. E. Wilmoth, Est. Lecturing Knight. P.E.R. Ernie G. Shore, famous in the baseball world as a pitcher in the American League, served as Est. Loyal Knight. The acting chair officers made I inspiring talks and also complimented the regular officers who put on the ritualistic work in the initiatory ceremony. A buffet supper preceded the business session. The attendance was the largest in years. From the April 1941 Elks Magazine. Page 54

Winston-Salem Lodge entertained the Grand Exalted Ruler, Sept 23, 1944. first time ever this Lodge had a GER visit. Buffet dinner and elaborate event was given. See Nov 1944 Elks magazine

Winston-Salem Lodge, August, 1940 featured as they gave an outing for 80 underprivileged boys at Reynolds Park. Page 27.
Waynesville Wilson Lodge # 840 in this 1908 post card street scene Wilmington # 532 Click here for history file from 2002 state book. Click the picture below to enlarge this unique house which was at one time the home of a NC Governor
Picture taken in 1999 Wilson Lodge hosted Grand Lodge Exalted Ruler Dr Robert Barrett in late feb 1945. Unfortunately, DD Ed Davis was ill and in the hospital.

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