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The last historical book put together for the NC Elks was completed in 2002 by Walter McSwain, Jr of N Wilkesboro lodge. You can download this but they are very large files so it might be something you would want to do and then go to bed. It's divided into four parts.

For current information on the State Association please go to My attempt here is to save historic information that might provide an intriguing look to the past.

For 69 years the State association marked its beginning from 1939. Apparently there was some sort of controversy that  caused them to distance themselves from early Elks. However, this was corrected at the October 2008 state convention. (Click here for Grand Lodge historian's Mike Kelly's list of early State Association)

 Click on highlighted links for more information. If anyone from NC and from the cities noted has the time to check out the local newspaper at your library or your lodge records please email . Typically, it was front page news when Elks gatherings were formed so as long as you an approximate date, you can find a good deal of lost information. If you find something you think I ought to add, please let me know.  

Date Location State President Secretary Other information
May 20, 1901 Charlotte Director Gen. Hamilton Wilson   .Click here for newspaper captions. Seven lodges in state.
1902 Asheville C.F Tomlison of Winston C D Keehin of Salisbury Click here for newspaper captions
1903 Wilmington #532 B.S Davis of Charlotte ? As noted in state history book pg 171. You also need to read this from the Wilmington newspaper. This is noted as the Third reunion.
1904 Winston William J Bellamy of Wilmington   As noted in above newspaper article.
1911 Durham #568 ? ? Durham morning Herald June 15 or 16th 1922 notes this is first meeting since reorganization. Click here to see article.
 Mar 13-15, 1912 New Bern #764

Click here for program. Go here to see slideshow

W. G. Bramham of Durham T. B. Kehoe ButtonNewBern1912.jpg (15953 bytes)Program says 10th anniversary of New Bern. Thanks to the late Frank Oglesby for allowing me to scan this program.
1913 Wilmington ? T. B. Kehoe As noted in state history book pg 171
May 27-28/1914 Winston-Salem #449 ? T. B. Kehoe Picture of gathering can be seen at Salisbury Lodge
July 1915 Charlotte ? T. B. Kehoe  
May 17-18, 1916 Washington #822. Building was located upstairs 218-230 W Main St. Since 1950 Dibble and associates. Joseph F Tayloe T. B. Kehoe New Bern won the cup thanks to having the largest delegation in the parade (59). Washington had 120. Overall 400 attended with 16 lodges in attendance. See the Washington Daily news for these 2 days of fascinating articles.
May 15-16 1917 Raleigh Joseph Ferrell T. B. Kehoe  
May 1918 Greensboro ? T. B. Kehoe  
1919 Greensboro ? T. B. Kehoe  
May 25-26, 1920 Salisbury. Click here for a neat picture of gathering can be seen at Salisbury Lodge P. B. Beard of Salisbury T. B. Kehoe Here are two articles from the  convention in Salisbury. Held during the middle of the week, 1000 Elks attended! Fascinating reading in Word format. May 25th, May 26th Elks might build dormitory at Jackson Training School. Endorse the Antlers and Boy Scouts 
Telegram from State Sec concerning convention NCStateTelegram1920GLParade.jpg (85836 bytes)      
June 8-9, 1921 Goldsboro   T. B. Kehoe A few grainy pictures of this convention can be seen here 
June 15-16, 1922 Durham W.G. Wegener of Durham T. B. Kehoe D.D. Daughtridge, 1st VP Rocky Mount, 2nd VP is W.C. Maupin of Salisbury
  First Day Lodges attending Durham program  
more on Durham-> DurhamStateassocmtg1922News.jpg (577093 bytes) DurhamStateassocmtg1922NewsA.jpg (539451 bytes) DurhamStateassocmtg1922NewsB.jpg (449035 bytes)  
 June 1923, High PointHighPointHost1923Convention.jpg (290283 bytes) Arthur Lyon of High Pt T. B. Kehoe Also mentioned in July 1923 

Elks Magazine. pg 40

June 2, 1924 Winston-Salem Henry Matson of Winston T. B. Kehoe  
As noted in Oct 1925 elks Magazine. Pg 81. Wrightsville Beach. State Association Entertained by Wilmington Elks Charles Harris of Raleigh T. B. Kehoe  400 to 500 attended. Novel feature was a bathing beauty contest in which various lodges had their favorites entered. (now that would have been interesting )
1926 ? James Hatch of Charlotte T. B. Kehoe Officer's were to decide on a meeting date and place.
1927 ? James J Hatch of Goldsboro J S Crawford of Goldsboro Meeting date not decided as of March 1927 Elks Magazine
1927 to 1929 no apparent meetings      
March 1930 ? Norman Boren of Greensboro Max Rawlins of Greensboro As noted in March 1930 elks Magazine. page 55. State Association list.
March 24, 1930 Raleigh D.W. Sorrell of Durham T.B. Kehoe State meeting as noted in May 1930 Elks Magazine. Voted to make permanent the temporary association it had been (no meetings for 3 years).  8 lodges in attendance. Grand Lodge officer's were present. Grand Sec, J. Edgar Masters
spring 32 Wilmington Harry Patterson of New Bern T. B. Kehoe Feb 33 elks mag says that association dissolved in 1924. Meeting called by DD R.E. Stevens for reinstitution association was held. Article in June 32. Pg 52. Representatives of 14 lodges met.
sometime late 1932 Greensboro Harry Patterson of New Bern T. B. Kehoe next step of reformation was accomplished.
May 1933 Asheville Harry Patterson of New Bern   Should be totally revised Association at this meeting. Click here for Elks mag report.
May 19, 1934 Charlotte John Morton of Charlotte W.B. Davis of Greensboro Click here to read Elks Magazine article from July 1934 on convention
1935 Wilmington John Morton W.B. Davis Regional mtg held. 5 Eastern lodges represented. January 1935 elks magazine. pg 23 eastern edition. Friendship activities of Lodges discussed and plans discussed to combat Communism.
May 1935 Salisbury N.P. Mulvaney of Asheville W.B Davis of Greensboro Click here to see picture in Elks Magazine.
May 1937 Charlotte John Morton   Article from Elks Mag in adobe pdf. One of the best conventions ever held. 1000 in attendance. State essay contest winners announced. Theme was "American Schools As a Public Safeguard".  $1000 given to a national education fund. GER David Sholtz attended.
May 1938 Greensboro John Caffey, Greensboro W.C Burns, from High Point Convention not held?

Other info

Misc. pictures & State Major Project from 1945 to 2003 was the Elks Boys Camp

Picture taken sometime in the 1940's of the Boy's Camp. Click on the picture to enlarge..

For a video from 1992 or so of the Elks camp, go to this youtube link. or copy and paste the below in a new browser window.

Picture of the float NC had in the 1941 Grand Lodge convention  that was held in Philadelphia. See slideshow of NC pictures

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