(A 1900 era poem by M. J. Phillips, of Owosso Lodge MI, B. P. O. E.)

If he's looking up, not down,
He's an Elk;
If he'd rather smile than frown,
He's an Elk.
If he's jolly, broad and fat,
If he wears a man's sized hat,
Take a tip from things like that
He's an Elk.

If he sees some good in all,
He's an Elk.
If he helps the men who fall,
He's an Elk.
If he looks you in the eye,
Gives a courteous reply,
If he's shrewd, but never sly.
He's an Elk.

When he dies and goes above.
Brother Elk,
To the golden Lodge of Love,
Brother Elk,
Does St. peter hesitate ?
No, he swings wide the pearly gate:
"Come in, you don't have to wait
Brother Elk"


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updated 02/19/2010

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