The case against alcohol.


Calif. Alcohol Policy at a Glance May 14, 2001 By The Associated Press 

Key elements of California State University's proposed alcohol policy: 

- -Limit vendor advertising at campus events. 

- -Limit alcohol industry funding of student-sponsored events. 

- -Provide an education program to make students aware of the risks of illegal and irresponsible drinking. 

- -Distribute campus alcohol-related regulations and policies to all students. 

- -Enforce campus rules as well as state and local drinking laws. 

- -Partner with local law enforcement agencies to enforce drinking laws. 

- -Create an advisory council to examine issues of alcohol use by students. 

- -Institute annual alcohol policy orientation program for campus organization advisers and student officers. 

- -Institute alcohol policy training for all campus peer advisers and residential staff. 

- -Adopt new student and parent orientation programs. 

- -Adopt orientation programs for higher-risk students, such as fraternities, athletes and large residential campus populations. 

- -Provide a systemwide grant writer to seek out possible funding to implement and maintain the policies. 


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