The case as against heroin. There's not much listed here. But if you go to  this particularly sad story or to any of the links listed here  and if you don't come away shaking your head in disbelief then you must be a junkie or a very cold hearted person. It is terrible what we are allowing and worldwide it's getting worse..not better! There's even an e-magazine set up just for heroin called the (march 2000 start date) Actually it's pretty darn good and an informational source for addicts. So check it out! Also, I won't be putting many more links on this site as it is time consuming which I don't have a lot of. However, anyone wanting to do this on their own, please let me know so I could link to your site.

Treatment options


There are plenty so I'll try to have different links that others may have overlooked

A poem from a 15 year old on Plus another -author unknown. Picture of Harlem Heroin addict injecting himself despite incredible infection in lower leg. Not for the queasy!!

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