Colorado. Go here for their "unofficial" website (5/04) updated 04/09/2009

For a fascinating article about the first "official" state convention in Colorado Springs in 1903, click here for a text version or here for a 4 page word doc. Over 2000 people attended this 2 day event which had to be huge back then.

There are several pictures on the Elks Grand Lodge reunion that was held in Denver. Click here to see those and many others.

Aspen Boulder Canon City Colorado Springs 1905
BoulderCO.jpg (127458 bytes)
Colorado Springs band. Amazing photo. Colorado Elks Parade in 1906. Unknown location Delta Lodge # 1235. postmarked 1927  
Denver Postcard 1906 Denver Elks 1915 Denver Elks Mag Goodwill tour- 1932
DenverCO1906.jpg (47084 bytes)
Close-up  of Denver tour Denver Lodge Room 1917 Gilpin County 1914 Denver Convention Gilpin County 1914 Denver Convention
GilpinCountyElks1914All.jpg (55291 bytes) GilpinCountyElks1914Middle.jpg (126151 bytes)
 Fort Morgan in 1935 Grand Junction Greenley lit up at night in 1917.
Greenley Band (close-up) Greenley Band   LaJunta in 1922
Idaho Springs Idaho Springs (much better picture and far more current view) Idaho Springs in the 1920's. Sharp postcard! Leadville Elks Opera House
IdahospringsCO.JPG (55828 bytes) IdahoSpringsCOElksno607.jpg (81886 bytes) IdahoSpringsCOElksClub1920s.jpg (183026 bytes)
Ouray #492 Ouray CO, Float in parade 7/4/1923 Ouray Pueblo 1913
OurayColoFloat7_4_1923.jpg (43227 bytes) OurayCOElks1904.jpg (134740 bytes)
Pueblo 1921 Pueblo #90  Pueblo CO Reception Lobby  Rocky Ford
Salida- Fascinating picture and story of two Elks who died with their horns locked together. Click here for more (word doc) Salida Co 1900? Walsenburg Elks in 1906. Victor Colorado Elks
SalidaCOElksHeads.jpg (40925 bytes) salidaCoElks1900.jpg (361841 bytes)

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