The Heritage of the past is the seed that brings forth the harvest of the future. (inscription on entrance columns)

The Heritage of the past is the seed that brings forth the harvest of the future. 

This website will hopefully serve as a visual journey through the rich history of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks from inception in 1868 until the late 1940's.

To the left is the  inscription on the entrance columns to our National Archives which is located in Washington DC. These 16 words simply but succinctly describe how our great country can avoid repeating the errors of the past while utilizing our past successes as a guideline for the future. This is also applicable to every organization. The BPOE was (and still is) a leading fraternity back when men were defined by who they were associated with. Hopefully, this collection of pictures will serve those who seek to learn the passion that propelled the Elks to the forefront of our society.  There are lots and lots of pictures of their homes and activities. It is a work in progress and any ideas, comments or concerns are welcome by e-mailing me at . Also, if you have any pictures or data you would like to see added, please let me know. For Salisbury NC #699 early history please click here. Last updated 06/10/15

National Archives


Elks Magazine first issue was June 1922.  To see select pages of this wonderful magazines first edition click here. Old Elks Magazines for sale. My goal is to have every Elks Magazine from June 1922 through Dec 1945. So far I am short 35 magazines but in the process of buying through Ebay, I also have 40+ extra magazines. I'm looking to sell the extras or trade for what I'm missing. For that list, please click here. It's in adobe file format and was last update 1/18/14. To contact me email  

Elk Music. Most will be surprised to know that early Elks Lodges had marching bands. At grand Lodge conventions, new music was written. You can click here to see the few covers of music scores I have as well as download some of the sheet music. Also, some record covers  are pictured too. Several downloadable old songs are available as well including Leo Wheet's Grand March which should be playing in the background if you are using internet explorer to view this page.

 Also, if anyone has an old Edison player (the music is on a medium blue roll that looks a lot like a big hair curler) I have an old "Elk's March" and "Elks Funeral Odes" recordings and would love to have that recorded and transferred into an mpg. 

Elks Home in Bedford Virginia. Click Elks Home In Virginia for a few pictures(87) and here for pictures on this site. Sadly, the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks has sold the elks Home for $4.5 million. Over 80 elderly and frail Elks will be now under the care of a for-profit corporation and this 200 acre beautiful property that took a 100 years to cobble together will more then likely be split into tracts for housing developments. That was effective September 1, 2014. The new name will be "English Meadows Elks Home campus."

For the National Historic Home 2008 application which lists a wealth of information of this century long crown jewel of Elkdom go to this link.


Elks pictures that are large enough to reprint. Include Elks Creed, Best People on Earth, the Charlotte Elks lodge degree team that installed numerous lodges back in the 1900's. Two very neat WWII advertisements encouraging Elks to help the cause and a gorgeous postcard of an elk and a  mermaid giving the 11 o'clock toast. Click here to review and download.

The Elks Veteran Memorial is a crown jewel of the Order. For more on this most impressive building the main Elks site has an extensive portion of its website dedicated to it. Click here to go to that site.

Flag Day. Click here to see a  picture of a large Flag Day resolution. Appears to be an original color poster  from the Grand Lodge 1919 convention. Bought by PDDGER Ray Paradowski while antiquing in Montana and donated to the Salisbury Elks Lodge. Large file at 300k.

List of Elks Lodges including defunct lodges can be found by clicking here for a word document. (updated 1/11/11) Thanks to Brother Norm Donovan of Los Banos, Ca Elks #2510 for this update. However, there is quite a bit of information that he is missing on installation and merger dates. Brother Norm asks you to email him at and let him know if you see something amiss in his list.

State association beginnings- Click here for Mike Kelly's list. (also at Virginia elks website)

Other publications~

Elks Membership Campaigns- some really special membership recruitment efforts that apparently were very successful. Like Atlanta's 5000 campaign where in one setting, 1200 candidates were initiated. Total crowd of Elks- 7000! Click here

Trivia ~ Amusing, intriguing and some incredulous odds and end things you should really know!. click here

 Group BPOElks's Latest News is featured above. Click on the link to see all or to join the email list where you can select daily or weekly updates

Links to an archive of major books and important or interesting articles of events on this site can be found here.

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