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Not sure what this means! A young Elks prayer Postmarked 1910. "Father calls him William. Mother calls him Will. the girls all call him Willie but an Elk says Hello Bill!" Elks Magazine's Goodwill Studebaker 1934 tour. Sequin TX
ElksBarometer1907.jpg (33212 bytes) YoungElksPrayer.jpg (39176 bytes) ILoveBillpostcard1910.JPG (44246 bytes) SequinTX1934GoodwillTourElksMAg.jpg (80183 bytes)
      Postmarked 1908
ElksInSnowW11oclockemblem1908pm.JPG (23656 bytes)  
PGER Detwieler Memorial Harrisburg PA 1906 Romantic post card postmarked 1911 Portage Lakes Elks Lodge Hockey Club Elks Has an Excuse?
ElksMemorialHarrisburgPA1906.jpg (45788 bytes) PortageElks1938HockeyWinners.jpg (290083 bytes)
What a beautiful postcard! Hello Bill! It's 11 o'clock! Elks Outpost in El Cajon Pass.
Hello Bill! Mid 1930's Elks Magazine sponsored a Good Will tour. An Elk in my Lodge. Caricature from 1906. Believe we all have some one like this!! Jumbo the Elk. Possible 1907 Elks convention
HelloBillGirlinlap.JPG (71994 bytes)
Best People on Earth Elk by Willet 1905 Beanie Hat Tangerine Bowl 1956
bestpeopleonearth.jpg (63684 bytes) elks1905byWillet.jpg (25875 bytes) ElksBeanieHatWornByERSantaMonicaCA.jpg (28147 bytes) ElksTangerineBowl1956Tickets.jpg (46330 bytes)
Check out this beautiful 1834 painting. Was selling for $1400 on ebay 9/04. Click here for more information The real elks   Elks Party 1912 somewhere in Missouri
How would you like to be an Elk? From Leslie's weekly. Jan 29, 1878. 11 o'clock Toast Hell O Bill! Monarch Steamer loaded with Elks! A party barge!
howWouldYouLikeToBeAnElk.jpg (108363 bytes)
Charles Russell Artwork Hello Bill with his girl How would you like to be an Elk? Are you an Elk?
Did you miss me Bill? Elk galloping post card from 1887 Elk herd Hello Bill ryme
Riding the goat! Nature Study, Elks Drinking Brother Elk- drinking Parade car. From a lodge that started in 1911
ParadeCar3girls2boys.jpg (130264 bytes)
Post marked 1912 Oh! How I love an Elk! (This was a popular picture in the early 1900's) See that button? You can't be an Elk and be lonely!
Postmarked 1906. "Is it good or is it bad?" Dream of a would be Elk. This was a poster size picture auctioned on ebay. A little Elk with his first pin. Eleven O'clock toast
Fat Jack Eckert. Unknown Elk Merry Christmas Brother Elks unknown Elks bandsman  Coat of 1500 Elks teeth.
Elks Creed. Neat! If anyone who would want a larger file size so that you could print a nice 7" 10" picture that can be framed. Please contact me Neat real Elk picture Guess this Elk couldn't see with both eyes by 11 p.m. Best People picture from 1923. If anyone who would want a larger file size so that you could print a nice 7" 10" picture that can be framed. Please contact me
O u kido! 1909 Feeding real Elks! Catching wild Elk in deep snow Elk in Moonlight 1907
OUKidOElkOngoat1909.jpg (81643 bytes) CatchingWildElk.jpg (112739 bytes) ElkMoonlight1907.jpg (105096 bytes)
Three Elks. Convention unknown      
ThreeElksA.jpg (113085 bytes)      

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