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Below are quite a few pictures of California Lodges and activities. Just click on the picture to enlarge. Also, go to conventions to see some of LA's early Grand Lodge events as well as many others. If city is underlined click on for their home website or for more information. If an is displayed move your cursor over it and a short informational piece can be seen.

Alameda Lodge #1015. Click here for more information. Alameda Lodge room in 1910. The Lodge still meets there (as of 5/2006)   Anaheim 1949
  AnaheimCAElks1949.jpg (53474 bytes)
  Alturas CA Lodge moved in here in the 50's Anaheim 1900's Bakersfield Elks & Moose fundraiser
  AlturasCAElks1756.jpg (300794 bytes)
Berkeley Lodge room Berkeley Clubroom Berkeley. Now a historic site. Originally in 1919  
BerkeleyCAElksBuilt1919ModernPic.jpg (78081 bytes) Barstow history article
Brawley Ca Coalinga CA Elks picnic 1911  
CoalingaCa1911Barbeque.jpg (108961 bytes)    
Dedicated  Sept 1921 by 19 S California Lodges. A tablet  read "Rest here a while and when you go, take with you kindly thoughts for these western brothers. We welcome the coming and speed the departing guest". The Roving Brothers visited there in August 1925.    
Elks Rest stop in El Cajon Pass. Had stoves, tables, benches, etc for the traveler.Haven prior to the hot desert trip that awaited them. .    
  Eureka, CA Grass Valley Glendale
Gunnison in 1952   Long Beach Long Beach Navy Day 1943
Huntington Beach LongBeachCA.JPG (38814 bytes)
Long Beach in the 1920's Long Beach Elks carnival pin. LA 99 New Home 1909 LA Elks 1910 "Angel Flight"
LaElks1910_AngelsFlight.jpg (104610 bytes)
World's Tallest Man at LA Grand Lodge convention Los Angeles #99 1925 Los Angeles #99 view from MacArthur Park Los Angeles Spring St view
LACaElksMAcArthurPArk.jpg (101118 bytes) LACaSpringST.jpg (70162 bytes)
Amazing video of LA's building. For a 1 page pdf summary of this remarkable building's design and structure, click here. Los Angeles 99 Inglewood Cemetery LA #99 GL Convention badge from 1929. Photo courtesy of Gary Campbell of Broken Arrow, OK lodge. LA 99 Elkettes drill team in 1929
Los Angeles 99 Foyer view Los Angeles in 1955 postcard view LA roof top  1910 LA Musical Organizations. Amazing article from 1932
LACaElksTemple1955.jpg (58727 bytes) Elks Magazine article featuring three fine musical organizations of the Los Angeles Elks 99. From the Elks Magazine March 1932
LA Elks Movie Pageant. Held in 1936 after the GL Convention, this amazing and spectacular event included who's who of Hollywood. Click on picture to enlarge cover. Click here for 16 page official program (8 meg adobe pdf file. Click here for 6 page article from Sept '36 Elks Magazine. 80,000 people at this pageant! All observed the 11 o'clock finale! LA #99. Angel's Flight in 1906  
LAElksPageant1936.jpg (140442 bytes) LA99AngelsFlight1906.jpg (60506 bytes)  
Marysville pool room Marysville Modesto 1912  
ModestoCA1912[1].JPG (64510 bytes)  
  Monrovia Oxnard Oakland Elks. Big building!
Oakland Elks Rest Oceanside CA Pasadena Elks Lodge 1914 Click here for newspaper article on Elks in 1910 Pasadena (2)
Pomona 1925 Pomona Elks Den 1907 Portersville 1940's Redlands 1909
PomonaCAElksDen1907.jpg (76619 bytes)
Red  Bluff 1920 Richmond in 1918 Redondo Beach 1909 Front of PC Redondo Beach 1909 Back of PC
Santa Ana 1906 parade Santa Ana Sacramento in 1908 Sacramento Elks and Masons
SantaAnaCAElks.jpg (143135 bytes) SacramentoCAElksandMasons.jpg (74453 bytes)
Early Sacramento Elks Sacramento 1930 San Luis Obisco Theatre 1910 San Bernardino Elks Home 1918-1960
      San Bernadino
      wpe1.jpg (26777 bytes)
San Bernadino San Bernadino San Bernadino lobby 1909 San Hose earthquake 1906
SanBernadinoCAelksA.jpg (46601 bytes) SanBernadinoCALobby1909.JPG (39622 bytes) SanJoseCAEarthquake1906.jpg (29908 bytes)
Salinas #614 Santa Rosa Santa Monica 906 Lodge Room San Francisco No 4. Lodge and cover of 1910 Minstrel Show.
Elks Magazine March 1932 article. Lodge rendered medical and dental assistance to  to 25 kids in Monterey County. cost totaled several hundred dollars
San Francisco post card advertising rooms San Francisco's pool San Jose ~ interesting menu cover  
San Diego 1910 Susanville in 1962 Susanville 1918 "Antlers" club too Susanville Lodge. Isn't it pretty in the snow?
SanDiegoCAElks1910.jpg (152117 bytes) SusanvilleCAElks_antlers1918.jpg (57618 bytes)
San Pedro   Christmas Card from Stockton CA. 1909 Stockton #218
click here for their May 1943 newsletter   ElksHomeChristmasCard12_1909.jpg (125841 bytes) StocktonCAElks.jpg (83138 bytes)
Stockton #218 Santa Barbara Drum and Bugle Corp Vallejo Vallejo in 1940
SantaBararaDrumandBugleCorp.jpg (134428 bytes) vallejoCAelks.jpg (50109 bytes) vallejoCa1940[1].jpg (76187 bytes)
Elks Magazine March 1932 article. Lodge earns $5000 from charity ball. Proceeds go to relief and welfare fund.
Ventura 1929 Ventura postcard postmarked1957 Visalia Visalia
VenturaCAElkspostmarked1957.JPG (40631 bytes)

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