Background music is Leo Wheat's Grand Lodge March, copyrighted 1898. This is a midifile that Robert Brawley alerted me to and can be found at Also, more information on Leo Wheat and the sheet music for this song can be found by clicking this link.  Midi file can be downloaded here.

Music was an important ingredient to the success of the Elks. For a good example of how large the bands could be, go here and look at the photo of the drill team winners. Also, go to the conventions link to see some awesome pictures. Unfortunately, most of the music listed here is a copy of the cover. The original music is being sold off to who knows where on ebay. If you are concerned about this loss of our precious history please urge your State Association to allocate funds to obtain our memorabilia before it ends up lost forever. 

Some of these songs have the sheet music with it but I have not scanned them in. If interested in getting a copy of that, please let me know - email Also, if anyone has an old edison player (the music is on a medium blue roll that looks a lot like a big hair curler) I have an old "Elk's March" and "Elks Funeral Odes" would love to have that recorded and transferred into an mpg. 

New mp3's you can download.

Where highlighted click for more information. To enlarge the picture simply click on it.

1910. Anywhere in the USA is home to me. Click on the cover to enlarge.  Elks Carnival March Oakland CA. Cover only Oshkosh 1950. Click on the cover to enlarge. Click here for lyrics
AnywhersIsHomeToMeBPOESong1910.jpg (44131 bytes) CarnivalMArchOaklandCA.jpg (40185 bytes) OshkoshIndianSong1950cover.JPG (66691 bytes)
Dedicated to Battle Creek MI 1911 Elks March 1954. Cover only click In My Home Town for description of album,
ElksDrillTeam1911DedicatedBattleCreekMI.jpg (241483 bytes) Elksmarch1954Alamo.jpg (50988 bytes) InMyHomeTown.jpg (60733 bytes) close-upInMyHomeTowncloseup.jpg (56677 bytes)
Click Stuttering Dick for a background brief of this 1907 song. Click on the cover to enlarge.  Elks Carnival March from Oakland CA. Cover only Here's a tambourine From Lodge 1910
1936 record from Fresno CA. Click on the cover to enlarge.  Our absent Brothers song printed in 1904. Click on the cover to enlarge.  March written for the Philadelphia 1907 reunion. Cover only
The song of the Elk. Apparently put together as a fundraiser for a State association. No name on the album. 1960's probably. Click on the cover to enlarge.  Be True to the BPOE. 1922 Song of the Elks. Indiana 1942. Click here to download these 4 songs in pdf. Click on picture to see cover.
BeTrueToTheBPOE1922.JPG (46688 bytes)BeTrueToTheBPOE1922A.JPG (35422 bytes)
Dedicated to Brazil IN. Click on picture to see cover. Click here to download song.  Anchorage Alaska song. Click on the cover to enlarge.  1958 song dedicated to the Wheeling W Va Elks. Click on picture to see cover. Click here to download song.
Dedicated to wheeling w Va Lodge
Official song Portland 1912. Click on the cover to enlarge. Click here for the actual music "Portland wants us in 1912." Click on the cover to enlarge.  St Louis 1926 sheet music. Click on the cover to enlarge. 
Denver 1895 "We are jolly Elks". Click on the cover to enlarge.  Cover of the Chimes of Eleven. Dedicated To The Brotherhood Of Elks. Eureka Lodge No.652 BPOE, Eureka,CA in 1911 March and Two step. Nashville in 1901.
To our Absent Brothers- 1903. Click on the cover to enlarge.   Music specifically written for the 1926 Convention in Boston. Click on the cover to enlarge.   Music copy written in 1901. Dedicated to the Milwaukee Elks #42. Cover only Written 1894 and dedicated to New Albany IN Lodge 270 
BostonCon1926HoorayElksHooray.jpg (126760 bytes) JOLLYCORKS1901DedicatedMilwakee42.jpg (128823 bytes)  
1897 Minneapolis Convention Official music (the numbered page links are pictures of each page of the song) SF #3 Elks March. 1912. Click on the cover to enlarge.  Hello Atlantic City. 1919 convention music. Click on the cover to enlarge.  The Vacant Chair. This 1862 Civil war piece has a verse in it that is used in the Elks Ritual.
pg 2

pg 3

pg 4, pg 5, pg 6


Click here to download a copy of the original music. In adobe pdf format. 
Elks March & Two Step. 1898. Click on cover to expand. Click here for sheet music and autobiography of this famous composer ~ Leo Wheat.  Arrival of the Elks. March and Two step. 1908. Picture on front is that of Philadelphia Convention in 1906. Cover only The Elks March. Dedicated to the Syracuse Elks lodge. 1899. Cover only Grand March of the Elks. Dedicated to the Jamestown Elks. 1894! Cover only
GrandMarchAndTwoStepCover.jpg (553991 bytes)
This music was written in honor of the Grand Exalted Ruler in 1916. Sorry, but the picture is cropped and their was only one page of music. Click on each to enlarge.  We Are Elks. A marching song written by none other than the infamous Jelly Roll Morton. Special thanks to Bill Kindle of Madison IN for obtaining this. Cover only. The Elks Grand March by Leo Wheat. Copyrighted 1898.  Click here to listen to reproduction. (midifile). Click here for more on Leo and Sheet music.   Elks Fidelity March. Leadville CO Copyrighted 1894. Cover only
ElksGrandMarch1898.jpg (69286 bytes) FidelityMarch1894LeadvilleCO.jpg (112174 bytes)
"The Jolly Corks" Dedicated to the Milwaukee Elks #42. 1901 Click on the cover to enlarge.  "The BPOE Sweet Refrain" Williamsport PA in 1924. Click on Cover to enlarge. Click here for words BPOE Means Unity. Jack O'brian Boston Elks Lodge #10. Elks are Forever Two Step. Cover only. Rest of music here. Elks Carnival March. 1902. Cover only. Click here for rest of music.
JOLLYCORKS1901DedicatedMilwakee42.jpg (128823 bytes) Music1924WilliamsportPA.jpg (106340 bytes) BPOEMeansUnityMusic1920.jpg (212634 bytes)
Elks Home March. New Albany IN. 1902 The Song of the Elks. John Sullivan. Shawmut PA. 1910 Hello Bill March and two step. Dedicated to Minneapolis. 1902 Elks Patrol 1899
ElksHomeMarchNewAlbany1902.jpg (94622 bytes) TheSongOfTheElks1910JFSullivanShawmutPA.jpg (16567 bytes)TheSongOfTheElks1910JFSullivanShawmutPA2.jpg (21665 bytes) ElksPatrol1899.jpg (17495 bytes)
The elks Carnival March and Two Step. South Bend IN 1902      
General Pershing Victory March. Dedicated to the Pasadena Elks and presented at the tournament of Roses. Jan 1, 1919 Inner Guard March dedicated to the Bridgeport CT Elks Lodge #36. copyrighted 1903. Cover only Song of Welcome. Official souvenir song for the Grand Lodge convention in Rochester in 1913. cover only The Elks Greeting March. Dedicated to the BPOE. Written by Salvatore Philippini who was conductor of the the Philippines band. 1907 . Cover only.
published in 1904 by the Chicago publisher Wm. Schwartz, is titled "Lively Pete". The music was composed by Adele Ruth Cahn. This "Characteristic March & Two Step" does not credit a lyricist because there are no words.
BPOE The Elks Song. 1907  Elks March. Written in honor of Boston's new Home in 1910   Click on this amazing photograph of the 1911 winner in Atlantic City. 
"Respectfully Dedicated

To The Elks Of Chicago"

 BPOETheElksSong1907.jpg (73668 bytes)  BostonElksMusic1910.jpg (128887 bytes) AtlanticCity1911BandWinners[1].JPG (100129 bytes)  

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